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Are you exploring braces? There are many options you can go for. Braces are beneficial for straightening your teeth, and they help give you a healthy and attractive smile. They all have the same benefits, so which one should you go for when it comes to getting braces? This blog will give you an overview of clear braces vs. metal.


Clear Vs. Metal Braces: Pros And Cons

The primary difference between clear and metal braces is the material that they are made from. Medical grade stainless steel is used to make brackets in metal braces. On the other hand, clear braces use polycrystalline alumina for the brackets. These brackets can be the same color as your tooth or clear. Here are a few differences that will help you trace the pros and cons of clear braces vs. metal :

1. Connecting Wire/Archwires

This is a major pro for clear or ceramic braces. If you were thinking, are clear braces good? Yes! They offer the same benefits as metal braces, plus they are not visible. Moreover, you can get the connecting wire between brackets in a lighter color like white, silver, clear, or the color of your tooth. As a result, the visibility of ceramic braces decreases, hence making them clear braces. The color allows them to blend in with your teeth. Thus, many teenagers and adults prefer clear braces over metal.
In comparison, metal braces are visible and make it pretty obvious that you are wearing braces.

2. Comfort

Not only do clear braces improve your confidence, but they also offer more comfort. They are made of metal materials that are not abrasive. Therefore, you might have fewer complaints of irritation in your gums or sides of your mouth with ceramic braces. Comparatively, metal braces wearers often have these complaints of irritation.

3. Durability

When discussing clear braces vs. metal, durability matters. Metal braces are strong compared to their clear counterparts, making clear braces susceptible to damage and fractures. Hence, it is better to avoid hard candies and crunchy foods to stop them from breaking off.

It is safe to say that, in regards to durability, metal braces definitely take the lead.

4. Staining

If you are wondering, do clear braces stain? Well, yes. Staining comes easy with clear braces. Since they are light-colored, they tend to catch stains easily as well. Therefore, consuming heavily pigmented foods like curry, red wine, coffee, etc., can leave marks on your braces. This is a con in clear braces, as they stain easily compared to metal braces. Maintaining good oral hygiene and drinking from a straw might work in your favor.

5. Worn Enamel

Placing clear braces on lower front teeth can be risky for your tooth enamel. How? Well, the enamel on the backside of upper teeth can wear due to the harsh nature of the material of braces. Thus, whenever you take a bite or chew, it can cause wear and tear to your tooth enamel.

If you have an overbite or similar condition, choosing clear in clear braces vs. metal might be a more suitable option for you.


Clear Braces Vs. Metal – Conclusion

In conclusion, clear braces vs. metal is a significant debate if you want to get braces. Clear or ceramic, braces might come in handy for cosmetic purposes like a subtle look. On the other hand, metal braces can be useful as they are comparatively more durable, cost less, don’t stain easily, and more. It is up to you what you decide to go for. Ask for your dentist’s suggestion for braces that are most suitable for you. If you want braces or any other dental treatment or advice, contact Gessner Smile Dentistry at (713) 858-8513.

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