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We all know how important brushing the teeth is; Professionals recommend cleaning your teeth at least two times a day for two minutes. Many of us develop the habit of brushing our teeth in the morning and at night daily. This way, we can include brushing in our personal and oral hygiene routine. However, when should we brush our teeth after waking up? Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? In this blog, we’ll settle the debate about the right time to brush your teeth.

What’s Better: Brush Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

When we talk about brushing our teeth in the morning, many people are divided between brushing before or after breakfast. No one enjoys ruining the fresh taste in their mouth by eating after brushing. So, technically, it should make sense to brush after you’ve eaten, right? Wrong! Even if eating after gives the feeling that all food debris and bad aftertaste have left your mouth, experts actually recommend brushing before eating breakfast. This is because eating without brushing your teeth in the morning might actually be harmful to your tooth enamel. In short, according to the experts, you should brush your teeth before you’ve eaten breakfast rather than after.

Why Brush Teeth Before Breakfast?

Yes, it doesn’t feel good to eat right after brushing your teeth, but there actually might be a scientific reason to back this up.

While you sleep, the plaque-causing bacteria multiply in your mouth. This could be why you wake up with a morning breath or a mossy taste. Hence, you can get rid of this bacteria by brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste before breakfast. Furthermore, brushing before you eat can coat the teeth with a protective barrier, shielding them against the acids present in your food. Another reason you should brush before breakfast instead of after is that it activates saliva production in your mouth. Salivary flow is essential for multiple reasons, including the fact that it kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

What to Do if You Brush After Breakfast?

If you prefer to brush after breakfast, you can do it. Still, there are a few precautions you should be mindful of before doing so. It’s recommended not to brush after eating because it can actually cover your teeth with the remains of acidic food. Consequently, your tooth enamel can weaken, which can cause dental issues.

Orange juice, citrus fruit, bread, pastries, and dried fruit are some of the worst foods for tooth enamel. Thus, brushing your teeth right after you eat can be detrimental to your dental health. Hence, you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth. If you have acidic food, wait around an hour to brush your teeth. This way, you can keep your teeth at their best by not tampering with the tooth enamel.

You can drink water to rinse the lingering food particles from your teeth while you’re waiting to brush. Chewing on sugar-free gum helps too.

If you wear dental appliances, like invisalign, it’s vital to clean your teeth after breakfast before you put them on.

What’s Next?

Your dentist can recommend the best tips for brushing your teeth. In the morning, you should brush your teeth after breakfast and not before. Brushing before is more beneficial for your dental health. Gessner Smile Dentistry is here if you need consultations or appointments. Dial (713) 858-8513 to contact us. You can also visit our team by dropping by our dental office. Our address is 1507 Gessner Rd Suite A, Houston, TX 77080.

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